Movement Workshop ‘Dive into Breathing’ – Jules Rozenwajn

Movement workshop ‘Dive into Breathing’ in Arnhem! By the hand of Jules Rozenwajn

When: Sunday 1 October 2023
Time: 10:30-17:30 (with 1 hour lunch break)
Location: Studio Zuhause. Thorbeckestraat 6, Arnhem
For who: dancers, movers, therapists, and anyone interested into breathwork
Fee: € 50,-
Apply to:, deadline Friday 22 September 2023

Professional breakdancer and physiotherapist (Master I.S.E.K. 2018) Jules Rozenwajn (FB : Jules Seizart / Insta : Jules.Seizart) has led several workshops for movers & artists about the intimate relationship of the deep tissue (fascia) and human biomecanic. All those workshops were created to incorporate self-massage into body and concrete movement applications.

This time, he proposes a specific workshop about breathing through an entire day. He wants to give the opportunity to dive into the body anatomy of the chest, explore the visceral area and share specific Breathing techniques.
What is ‘Dive into Breathing’? The idea is simple but essential: Jules will share practical tools that can be applied and used on daily basis routines. He will give important notions of physical therapy and apply it directly into movement.

During 4 hours we will explore:
– Anatomy & Breathing mechanism(s);
– Conscious Self-Massage of the Diaphragm and discovering its connective tissues;
– Exploring myofascial Lines/Chains of the breath;
– Application of Trigger Points & Fascia techniques;
– Breathing exercises such as hyperventilation, apnea, full & empty
chest expansion (partnering work);
– Treatment Tools as Lemniscate, partitions, accessory muscles;
– Specific stretching of the Diaphragm;
– Artistic sharing and finding qualities of movement based on his solo performance ‘Layers’;
– Flow & Floorwork applications.

The entire day will allow you to develop body-awareness & expand your breathing potential.

What is Physio Flow?
From the ancient Greek ‘Physis’ close to nature and ‘Flow’ referring to the continuity, Physio Flow seeks to find its own natural rhythm using movement and therapy together. Following his thesis on self myofascial release on young athlete, Jules started to propose his own research into treatments, giving simple and quick exercises to treat oneself individually without any therapeutic help. This concept was created from his daily practice and personal experience. Physio flow connects science and dance in the same battlefield.

Equipment required:
– Yogamat, -block or meditation cushion (for your comfort)
– Tools as self-massage balls, foam rollers, oil (some will be provided)
– Comfortable clothes (Belly free and accessible chest if possible)
– Notebook
– Lunch
– … and of course good vibes! Hope to see you there 🙂



Movement workshop 'Dive into breathing'

Studio Zuhause Thorbeckestraat 6 6828 TV Arnhem

01 oktober 2023


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