Outdoor workshop by Company Vloeistof

‘Keep Off the Grass’, a 2-day workshop focussing on working in public spaces, by Company Vloeistof.
Open to professional performers (theatre, dance, circus) and artists in general who are interested in outdoor performance art!


When: 19 & 20 June 2021
Time: 14:00 – 18:00 both days
Price: € 80
Location: Studio Wallie, Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 4, 6881 NT Velp (biking distance from Arnhem), The Netherlands
Inscriptions: send an email with your name, phone number and a short movement background description and/or CV to info@arnhemse-meisjes.com. Limited spots, be fast if you want to join!
During this workshop we follow the COVID-19 guidelines as drawn up and approved in the (Dutch) dance sector protocol.


About the workshop
This 2-day workshop is a teaching programme based on Company Vloeistof’s specific knowledge of and expertise in working in public spaces. Ever since 2016, Vloeistof has been teaching master workshops for bachelor’s and master’s programmes – for Fontys (Tilburg) and Codarts (Rotterdam) – to transfer their knowledge and expertise in working in public space to students. The workshop ‘KEEP OFF THE GRASS’ will hand you tools, inside knowledge and on-site work experience to find your way around town – both literally and figuratively. Amongst other things, the workshop will be based on our experiences creating our StraatWild (Cityprey) and Swarming performances. The workshop provides you with skills, which will offer you a wide range of possibilities and great flexibility to perform in the non-orchestrated public space, no matter the circumstances.

Day 1
• Learning to really look at the environment: analysing your environment and its various aspects.
• Working with principles and rules regarding perspective and distance, and performative ‘presence’ in relation to the daily routine of passers-by.
• What is there: getting to know the so-called ‘dominant aspect’.
• Experimenting and playing. We work in two groups: while one is exploring, the other has the chance to observe.
• Through simple practical exercises, participants will experiment with new ways to position themselves in space.
• Analysing behaviour codes in the public space: how to respect them as well as how to break them (and when to do what).
• How to direct the focus (of the spectator) to the environment.
• Basic skills of individual positioning: how to pose your body in the environment in relation to what is there. Using the body as a ‘frame’ to see different aspects in the environment.
Day 2
• Becoming highly adaptive as a performer.
• Space-related movement.
• Using architectural elements and city furniture.
• Basic skills of making instant group formations in relation to the architecture of space.
• How to make choreographic and compositional choices (instant composition).
• Longer improvisation sessions with the entire group.


Anja Reinhardt, co-artistic leader of Company Vloeistof & Ulrike Doszmann, experienced dancer with the company.