Promobeeld voorstelling Boom! - Credits Anna Fransen


Boom! (2022)

The only way is up! In collaboration with Paula Walta (Telder Producties) and De Stadsboswachter Willem de Feijter we made Boom!, a dance performance for everyone. Together with us, look up, leave the city behind, and discover the secrets of a tree in the city. Dance and nature come together, with live music by Tessa Zoutendijk. The only way is up!

The first performance is Saturday 24 September, at 14:00 and 16:00. We gather at the playground next to café Kleine Campus, across Statenlaan 23 in Arnhem.

Boom! was created thanks to Telder Producties, Stadsboswachter, BuurtGroenBedrijf, Gemeente Arnhem and Provincie Gelderland.

Choreography: Paula Walta
Dance: Aïda Guirro Salinas, Kim Teurlings, Inbal Abir
Componist and live musician: Tessa Zoutendijk
Photo: Anna Fransen


Spijkerkwartier, Arnhem

Speeltuin next to Kleine Campus, across Statenlaan 23, Arnhem

24 September


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Roots in the Woods

Bosweide evenemententerrein, Apeldoorn, NL

22 October


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