Dance Flavours Performance Night #17

Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes presents Dance Flavours Performance Night: a stage for work of new and upcoming makers, in different stages of the dance process, from work in progress to reprise. At Dance Flavours you get the opportunity to get a taste of the work of different contemporary artists. On Monday 21 November 2022, we have a whole new menu ready for you!

On the menu:

           Amit Palgi – 4|2|3
 “Just before I entered, the Goduard asked me if I saw the creature that walks in the evenings on three. He insisted that I could not rest until I found it. So here I am, waiting for the night.

Credits Choreographer & performer: Amit Palgi | Music edited by Amit Palgi

          Collectief MAMM – Twentysomething
Twentysomething. We go for green, are vegetarians (but do eat fish) and recycle (if the bin is not too far away). We are ambitious and work our way through our piling student debts. During the week we can be found on our yoga mats and treadmills, but on the weekend we contribute to the global drugs trade and the destruction of our livers. We let our voices be heard in protests, on social media, and in debates. But at the same time, we’re masters in making ourselves as comfortable as possible.

We’re fascinated by the bizarre contradictions inside of us. Fascinated by the complex dilemmas that our peers are facing and the choices they are making. There has never been a generation that’s been living so consciously and unconsciously at the same time.

In ‘Twentysomething’, four dancers of Collective MAMM will take a close look at themselves and their generation. What motivates us in our choices? Where do we draw the line? And would that really be so bad?

Don’t blink, because you might miss something: Theaterkrant wrote about this performance: “Twentysomething is a dance performance where you wish you had more eyes & ears.”

website @collectiefmamm
Makers: Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen  | Performers: Linde Wagemakers, Niek Wagenaar, Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen | Music: Wolkenkrabber – Machinefabriek; Don’t stop me now – Queen; Anthropocene – Loscil; Tuur mang Welten – Niklas Paschburg

          Paula Niehoff – Agatha
Waking up from a foggy state of mind, step by step becoming more aware of where she is and what’s happening. Agatha finds herself in a situation of physical struggle, which leads her to carefully explore her body and surroundings. Without lifting up her eyes or showing her face, she tries to find different ways of standing up. Defining and understanding her relationship to her companion – a suitcase – and optimistically dealing with what some might interpret as ’not being on top of the situation‘.
Agatha is a solo dance theatre performance, based on and inspired by conversations with people who have experienced or are experiencing mental health problems.

Creation & performance: Paula Niehoff | Music: Ave Maria – Franz Schubert; Nadia Reisenberg; Clara Rockmore; Amari Szi Amari – Csókolom

          Danielle Gallia-Kind – M/Others
Mothers who gave birth meet on stage surrounded by video-selfie apps on laptops. Using their body-memories, they translate fragments from the daily labor of taking care of their children into a practice of getting to know their new bodies and their new rhythms. This is an invitation to acknowledge the maternal body and its offers for small dances of care, strength and intimacy. The Motherism theory by Catherine Obianuju Acholonu is a proposed form of African feminism focusing on motherhood, nature, and nurture. This work-in-progress is planned to premiere in May 2023 as part of ArtEZ MA Performance Practices finals.

website | @daniellekind
Credits Creation & performance: Danielle Gallia-Kind & the M/others | Music: Mar Esteban Martin & the M/others



Dance Flavours #17

Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem, NL

21 November 2022

€17 / € 10 / € 5

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