see me notice you

see me notice you (2019)

The urge for physical contact in a society that’s online and available 24/7. Through dance and music, Arnhemse Meisjes and live musician Rosine Langbroek bravely and casually make offline contact, push the limits with all the awkwardness that comes with it, and know how to touch the audience with their layered light-heartedness. They take the audience along on a journey full of humor, recognition and playfulness about an everyday but current topic.

In the accessible open air theater performance see me notice you, the Arnhemse Meisjes take the poetic quality and experience of contemporary dance out of the dark theater hall, and to the audience.

see me notice you is supported by Provincie Gelderland, Gemeente Arnhem, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, BNG Cultuur Fonds & Triodos Foundation.

Concept & performers: Inbal Abir, Yeli Beurskens, Anna Fransen & Kim Tuerlings
Second cast: Malika Berney & Aïda Guirro Salinas
Composition & live music: Rosine Langbroek
Campaign image: Anna Fransen
With thanks to: De Nieuwe Oost, Riet Mellink, Francesco Barba, Hans Vermunt




Hoogte 80 Terras Theater

Op de bult

21 August

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Langs de IJssel

28 May


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