Verlaten Vrouwen

Verlaten Vrouwen (2020)

Being a woman. It’s often the subject of heated discussions. Torn between on the one hand stereotypes of mother, virgin or whore, on the other hand the free-spirited and independent feminist. The starting point is an abandoned woman. Out of loneliness and buried under all the conditioned layers and imposed expectations, in search of her hidden power.

Verlaten Vrouwen (Abandoned Women) is an accessible dance performance for the open air, created and danced by five female dancers of contemporary dance collective Arnhemse Meisjes. Powered by the guitar of musician Wout Kemkens, they discover every corner and appearance of the spectrum of being a woman while dancing: from power to vulnerability and back again. From the many clichés, they go into the depth in a playful and light-hearted manner, and take you along in a recognizable search for what it’s like to be a woman in 2020.

Verlaten Vrouwen is supported by Gemeente Arnhem, Provincie Gelderland, NORMA Fonds en Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.

Concept & performers: Inbal Abir, Yeli Beurskens, Anna Fransen, Aida Guirro Salinas, Kim Tuerlings
Live music & composition: Wout Kemkens
Campaign image: Anna Fransen
With thanks to: De Nieuwe Oost, Riet Mellink, Guy Corneille en Nina Fokker




#radicaallokaal try out

Rijnstraat 42

08 September 2020


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#radicaallokaal Premiere

Rijnstraat 42

10 September 2020


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Rijnstraat 42

12 September 2020


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La Rue est à Amiens


27 September 2020


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Bergkerkplein 1, Deventer

26 February 2022


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Festival op 't Eiland

Nijmegen, NL

20 July 2022


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Vest in de Stad

Waagplein, Alkmaar, NL

23 October 2022


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