Workshop Mime - 15 oktober 2022

Workshop Mime – Nina Fokker & Menno Vroon

‘Transparent performing’ mime workshop in Arnhem
By Nina Fokker and Menno Vroon

 Saturday 15 October 2022
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Where: Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem
For who: Performers/artists in the professional field or studying
Prijs: € 35
Apply with a short description of your artistic background at

In this one day workshop we will introduce you to transparent performing as we practice this in the mime. It is all about daring to be yourself on stage and the impossibility of not performing when being on ‘the floor’. We will investigate the quality of sharing with the audience what you experience, rather than acting or showing something. How do you create a situation on stage in which the performer is confronted with something? And how can the performer respont to this situation just by sharing their experience? We tend to do too much on stage, we want so much the audience to understand what we want to show. All we have to do is be open to our own experience and share this with the audience.
We will share with you different exercises and improvisations we work with in the mime. At the end of the day you will have the experience of what it is to ‘just’ be on stage, transparent, open, ready to play.

Nina Fokker graduated in 2007 at the Dance Teachers department of ArtEZ. In 2009 she started creating and performing at DOX theatre company. She then started at the mime school and graduated at 2013. Nina has been working with Davy Pieter, Boogaerdt en van der Schoot, Carver, Tg. Maastricht, KOBE and yet creating and performing at House of Nouws Company. She is also teaching at a pre-education theatre in Nijmegen.
Menno Vroon graduated in 2009 at the mime school at the AHK in Amsterdam. He has been creating his own work at Veem House for Performance, Over ‘t IJ Festival and De Plaats in Arnhem. As a performer, he worked with Schweigman&, Hotel Modern, Schwalbe, Johannes Bellinx and Titia Bouwmeester. Since 2015, he has been teaching mime/physical theatre at Buitenkunst and at ArtEZ music theatre. At the moment he is developing and teaching a new program on art as education at the minor Liberal Arts at ArtEZ Zwolle.



Workshop mime

Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem

15 October 2022


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