Inbal Abir

Inbal Abir is one of the founders of Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes. She is based in Arnhem and studied at ArtEZ Dance Academy.

Originally, Inbal is an Isreali dance artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. Since her graduation, she works as a performer and maker. Her physical research is inspired by yoga, acrobatics, circus and improvisation. Her artistic research is inspired by different acting methods such as mime and Meisner technique. Inbal strives to bring dance and life into the lives of people, and to take them along a journey of self exploration and personal growth. Before deciding to focus solely on dance, Inbal worked as a volunteer together with priviled teenagers for a social political group in Israël. Because of these experiences, her work is inspired by the circumstances of humans and our society. In her pieces she questions the relationships between people, countries and within herself.

Within the dance collective, next to dancing and creating, Inbal focuses on the financial side of the collective, with the help from their accountant and business leader. She also teaches different audiences.

Photo: Anna Fransen