11 November: Dance Flavours #22 in Deventer

After 21 successful editions in Arnhem and Nijmegen, the 22nd edition of Dance Flavours Performance Night will be in Deventer for the first time! In theatre MIMIK we present a varied menu of contemporary dance and give you the opportunity to get a taste of the work of upcoming and young contemporary artists. Buy your ticket for Saturday 11 November on the website of MIMIK.

On the menu

Collectief MAMM – Something Else
In Something Else five performers explore the social pressure to achieve immediate success. In a world where it seems impossible to slow down, how do we relate to others? Can we work together or are we, as a generation, destined for an endless and lonely race?

concept: Collectief MAMM | performers: Amber Veltman, Gihan Koster, Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen, Winter Wieringa | dramaturgy: Isabel Meloen | coaching: Camiel Corneille | duration: 30 minutes

Liam McCall – FR/AGILE
How do we hold on to light in a world that seems to keep getting more dark? FR/AGILE is an honest dance solo in which Liam McCall tries to find a way to unify his fragility and agility. It’s a plea for the need for vulnerability in HipHop, revealing his raw human self through his Bboying form.

In June Liam was nominated for a Swan for most impressive dance performance 2023. FR/AGILE is his first own work and won the Best of Fringe Amsterdam Award in 2022.

concept, creation & performance: Liam McCall | composer: Niels Broos | scenography: Joey Schrauwen | duration: 30 minutes

Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes – Memories of the Future
Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes presents the short dance film Memories of the Future. In this film we play with time, while turning and lingering, until the present is the only thing that remains. After the world premiere at Cinedans 2021 the film traveled all over the world for international film festivals, and won multiple audience and jury awards.

concept, creation & performance: Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes | film: Floris Verweij | composer: Wout Kemkens | duration: 12 minutes