Memories of the Future receives special mention and other awards

In the summer of 2020, we made the short dance film Memories of the Future, to reach the audience despite the lockdown and measurements. And now our film travels the world!

During Go Short Arnhem this month, we received the special mention of the jury of Het Gouden Hert. This competition focused on the best films of the province Gelderland. It was really special to receive this in our own city! This is what the jury said about our film:

“Memories of the Future is a film where all elements keep on amplifying each other. From the costumes to the music, to the shadows and the fantastic well chosen perspectives, they all make sure the choreography comes to life and can tell her story. A true work of art.”

Besides being part of multiple international film festivals, the film also won a few awards. We received the second jury award for best short film at Bodyscope Film Festival in Russia, the audience award at Blois Danse in France and the award for best choreography at the Videodance Festival in Mexico City! The following weeks Memories of the Future is screened in at least Greece and the United States.

Photo: Kim de Jong