Memories of the Future film still - Credits Floris Verweij

Memories of the Future wins Audience Award at Flatlands Dance Film Festival

Great news: Memories of the Future won the Audience Award at Flatlands Dance Film Festival!

And on top of that we received these wonderful comments of the adjudicators:

“Strong concept, choreography, and aesthetic choices (lines, colors, angles, expressions). Great dramaturgy and narrative. Well edited and executed. Just beautiful!”
~ Simone Wierød (Choreographer & director)

“Editing in this is incredible. Landscape and dancers, together with the use of light, is spectacular. I found the use of perspectives really compelling.”
~ Jenny Oyallon-Koloski (Assistant Professor of Media and Cinema Studies)

Wow! Thank you Flatlands Dance Film Festival for screening our film to such an enthusiastic crowd and adjudicators. We’ll be on cloud nine for a while with all this love for Memories of the Future.