Monday 31/01: livestream Dance Flavours Performance Night!

A special edition of Dance Flavours Performance Night: through a livestream from Theater a/d Rijn in Arnhem, you can experience a tasting of contemporary dance in different stages of the work process, from work in progress to reprise. Let yourself be surprised and inspired, from your own couch!

We are really looking forward to this special edition of Dance Flavours and hope to see you there. Tickets are available via Theater a/d Rijn here.


Photo Youri & Marie: Wannes de Porre. Photo Daniel: Guillaume Versteeg. Photo Maarten & Wibke: Michèle Giebing. Photo Alida: Amy van Maanen.


CHICAGO BABY will be questioning the blurry border between flirt and harassment. What is the tilting point? This week we’ve again seen how important this conversation is. Dancers & choreographers Youri and Marie will take you along a party, drifting, refusal to see the other’s refusal, with a dramatic ending. Marks of abuse are indelible and the victim’s life is forever changed. Immerse yourself in the story and the push and pull movements on Monday 31 January during the livestream of Dance Flavours Performance Night. And if you can’t wait, you can see the docu trailer of CHICAGO BABY here.

This evening, you’ll see ‘Haya’ by dancer and choreographer Daniel Barkan, a try-out performance which focusses on the belly.

“In the western society the belly is often looked at with a sense of shame, always covered unless flat and young and strong. It has to be carried around like a flat trunk that supports the body movements. It is functional. It takes us from A to B. But what about the fact that this area of the body protects all the important organs? Including the womb…Does it need to be looked at with different care?”

Daniel thinks so, and does this with her own reinterpretation of the ancient dance form of belly dance. With her most intuitive dance moves, she makes you think about the complexity of this body part and the meaning of producing life. Exposing and counseling her core, she allows her belly to exist and transform into different beings. This perspective is creating a unique result of storytelling, where Daniel lets you get an intimate look into her journey.


Which groups face each other? What repels each other, and what attracts? What do we need to strengthen the social cohesion in our society? Questions we all have right now, and questions Maarten & Wibke ask in their performance Encounter C, an exploration of interpersonal togetherness. In their investigation, the two dancers take you along a physical exploration to create consciousness about our ways of communication. Is there only pro- and anti-, or also both-and? Come find out Monday 31 January during the livestream of Dance Flavours Performance Night.


Minimum input, maximum impact. Alida’s serene alt-folk music is small and intimate. In this silence she tries to find what hides beneath the surface. In her songs, Alida (alias of songwriter Anne Weggeman) gives shape to her emotions and contemplations. In her vocals and guitar you hear the influence of Aldous Harding, Angel Olsen and Billie Marten. During the livestream of Dance Flavours, you can enjoy her music and performance from the intimacy of your own home, as musical intermezzo of the dance performances.