New year, new edition of Dance Flavours on 29 January

Photo: Anna Fransen

We start of the new year just right with a new edition of Dance Flavours Performance Night! On Monday 29 January 2024 we return to our beloved Theater a/d Rijn in Arnhem for an evening full of contemporary dance in all its diversity and different flavours.

Once again we present a varied menu with performances of Niek Wagenaar’s Nymphs and Skypunch Collective, and two short dance films by Peeled Collective and our own Anna Fransen. We hope to see you there!

Dance Flavours #23
Date: Monday 29 January 2024
Time: 20:00
Location: Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem
Tickets: from € 6,50 on the website Theater a/d Rijn

is a search for grip within the intangible. Where does the Self end and where does the Other begin and does that boundary actually exist? Set in a scenography centered around a transparent, reflective screen, SKYPUNCH COLLECTIVE searches for both the strenghts and limitations of human perception. In an analogue game for bodies, light and reflection, images are built up and broken down again, as fleeting and changeable as our experience of reality.

Choreography & performance: SKYPUNCH COLLECTIVE | light and outside eye: Manou Koreman | decor and costume: SKYPUNCH COLLECTIVE | music: Celine Werkhoven, Julian Sartorius (‘Locked Groove’), Civilistjävel! (‘B3’)

Niek Wagenaar’s Nymphs – After All
All is set in the bleak reality after the world as we know it has ceased to exist. In the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster four characters grapple with the sudden change from abundance to scarcity, and with feelings like guilt, loss and loneliness.

concept & choreography: Niek Wagenaar | dancers: Filippo Gualandris, Nathalie Schmidt, Keanah Simin, Niek Wagenaar | music composition: Brant Peije Teunis | light design and technical support: Rodrigo Ribeiro | dramaturgy: Lisa van den Burg | productional assistance: Milou Margaroli, Olivia Blanch | marketing: Linde Wagemakers | coaching: Anne Suurendonk | special thanks to: Linde Wagemakers, Tommaso Terribile | made possible by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Janivo Stichting, Chassé Dance Studios, Meervaart Studio, Delft Fringe Festival, het Amsterdamse Bostheater, Karavaan, ICK Dans Amsterdam

Anna Fransen – A mother’s odyssee
In A mother’s odyssee you see the dynamics between mother and child in their daily lives. In a world full of scientific knowledge, which does not always correspond to their reality, they look for something to hold on to. A mother’s odyssee is a work in progress of a short film about a mother with her child and part of a yet-to-be developed trilogy that will be made later this year.

Choreography: Anna Fransen (Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes) | director: Anna Fransen i.s.m. Jonne Covers | cinematography: Floris Verweij | performers: Anna Fransen & Fien Verweij

Peeled Collective – Verdragend Landschap
Verdragend Landschap is inspired by the Dutch Waterline. The bunkers are spread throughout the country as the spine of the defense mechanism. Like a rotting body of which only bones are left. An abandoned place that has grown into the landscape through the passing of time. What is hidden in the (emotional) layers of the landscape? What happens when those layers are exposed? In this film Peeled Collective moves in a short time through the memories of the landscape.

concept and Creation: Peeled Collective | performers: Emma Hanekroot, Emma Versluys | music composition: Aura Bouw | video: Chris Diepenhorst, Machine Made | made possible by: Cultuur Oost, Erfgoed Gelderland, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Provincie Gelderland, Verhaal van Gelderland Festival