Zakelijk leider - Linda Kokke (links) en Rosa Brinks (rechts)

Our new business leader: welcome Rosa!

With heartfelt gratitude we say goodbye to our very first business leader, Linda Kokke. She helped our collective grow beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks to her support, enthousiasm and professionalism, we received the two year subsidy of the municipality Arnhem, and she brought more stability and structure to our creativity. We hope she keeps growing and developing personally and professionally. Thank you Linda, we are forever grateful!

And with heartfelt joy we welcome our new business leader, Rosa Brinks. Rosa has a lot of experience working in the cultural field and she fits our team perfectly. We are so grateful for her enthusiasm and faith in us, and with her knowledge and talent we are ready to take the next step! We are proud that she is joining us and we look forward to all our new adventures ahead.

Foto Linda: Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuijzen
Foto Rosa: Fred Ernst