Our youth performances are touring!

Together with our agency STT Produkties, we’re going on tour again! We will perform our youth performances Samen samen één (6+) and Op ‘t randje (8+) at several primary schools and in theaters, all across the country. We’re really looking forward to it, because the honest and enthusiastic reactions of our youngest audience make performing really worth it. And afterwards we host a small workshop, so the children can experience themselves what dance and movement can do for you!

Samen samen één
Samen samen één is a playful and energetic performance about the search for your own identity in being together. We can only learn who we are through the eyes of someone else. What is my sound, which tune belongs to you, and how does it sound when we’re together?

Op ‘t randje
In our family performance Op ’t randje, we take you along the playground of existence while dancing. Climb the edge with us and jump into the depth of your own imagination! This playful dance performance is an ode to open-mindedness and the urge to discover for young and old.

Photo: Elske Nissen.