What’s on the menu for Dance Flavours #21 on 06/06?

Photo: Anna Fransen.

Danscollectief Arnhemse Meisjes presents Dance Flavours Performance Night: a stage for work of new and upcoming makers, in different stages of the dance process, from work in progress to reprise. At Dance Flavours you get the opportunity to get a taste of the work of different contemporary artists. On Tuesday 6 June 2023, we have a whole new menu ready for you – this time outside as well as inside!

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On the menu this time:

Time of My Life – Linde Wagemakers
Constantly new stimuli, deadlines and expectations. All our tasks constantly overlap, making the point of completion seem further and further away. The feeling of infinite possibilities drives us toward panic disorders and burnouts. Fueled impatience, versus extreme perfectionism. Quantity as well as quality. ‘Time of my life’ offers a mirror. Am I in this pressure cooker? And is there another way?

Duration: 28 minuten | Choreography: Linde Wagemakers | Performers: Maxime Abbenheus, Cristel de Frankrijker, Emelie Obernosterer | Music: original score by Clara Cozzolino | Dramaturgy: Lisa van den Burg | With special thank to: Niek Wagenaar

“double-edged circle” – Gabrielle Emily Aidulis
With this work-in-progress piece Gabrielle is researching change and transformation through movement. Looping recurring themes seamlessly evolves into a bursting endeavour to keep up, unfolding the shadow-self. This performance is a shorter and adapted version of a 30 minute performance to be – “triple-edged circle”.

Duration: 10 – 15 minuten | Choreography and performance: Gabrielle Emily Aidulis | Music: Kristijonas Valančius

Round Two – Threading Theater
The collective Threading Theater is lead by Justin de Jager and is focused around the movement concept of threading. This is a dance language where physical loops are created through which other body parts are threaded. Round Two is the second piece of a series of short pieces that Threading Theater is currently working on. In Round Two, four dancers literally connect with each other. In no time they get into complex entanglements and work together to thread their way out. Giving but also taking space is crucial.

Duration: 20 minutes | Choreography: Threading Theater | Performance: Justin de Jager, Melina Romano, Sem Deliveyne, Tosca Knauf | Music: original score by Andreas Tegnander | Costumes: Melina Romano